I am an adventure seeker in a world of photography. My approach is to carve out modern naturalist approach of light art and understanding digital equipments. I work with passion. Fueling creativity in capturing timeless moments is my ultimate goal.

Who We Are

Iffti Photography is a Photo studio that was established in 2009. The mastermind behind this was Iftikhar Ali, who is the founder of this Studio. The core service that Iffti’s offer is photography .They are mainly focused on events from corporate market segment like conferences, products, fashion and architectural arts.They are also very active in projects for individuals like weddings, birthdays, newborns and travel works.

With the passage of time, filming has become major part of their business projects.Now they are covering documentaries, wedding ceremonies and sports for major corporate entities along with individuals.They are using different levels of video graphy i.e. HD video quality and DSLR with the aid of stabilizers.

To aid the photography projects, Iffti's Photography also designs diverse albums themselves and offer clients with the most custom oriented albums in town .The clients are offered with many options which leads to their maximum satisfaction.

They also offer services for photo enlargements along with the diverse framing options to clients in order to preserve their memorable moments in best possible ways.

How It Started

I followed a typically academic path to university and graduated in Business studies from CIIT. I fell into marketing. Ever since my academic time, photography related to products branding, photo-journalism, culture & landscape kept on inspiring me. In this phase of learning and development, I desired to build an image of photography niche that is subject to frames not easily achievable. One of these niches was about capturing people’s pure moments, emotions and feelings.

Our Mission

Iffti's photography is about capturing moments in time. Our engine of creativity is fueled by our passion. We believe that photography is an art, a science and a way of life, therefore, always strive to deliver creative images of the highest technical quality while meeting our clients’ needs in an efficient, original and friendly way.